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We are currently not hiring for experienced drillers and driller's assistants. If you are interested in being considered for one of our positions after reading the requirements and job description when they become open, send your completed Employment Application or your resume with a Resume Supplement to or fax it to 928-681-4549. Please include with your resume, a completed Resume Supplement with the following information. If you do not have it available, please state so.
  • Your name and a way to contact you.
  • Your employment experience, former employer contact information (phone number and supervisor), details of each job you have held and how long you held that job.
  • Your drilling experience to include the types of drill rigs you have operated or helped on, the depths of drilling you have performed or helped with, the types of drilling experience you have, such as core, reverse-circulation, or water wells.
  • Education background, list if you have completed high school or have a GED. Any college or trade classes you have taken.
  • Skills - things you are proficient at, such as welding, mechanic, fabricating, etc.
  • References - include at least one personal and two professional references and a way to contact them.
  • Driving record - You must have a valid driver's license and a clean driving record. If you have an Arizona driver's license, you can get one at Motor Vehicles or go online to and print out a copy of your record.

We conduct pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing. If we call you for an interview, please do not waste our time if you cannot pass this test.

Job Experience/Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift 100 pounds all day long.
  • Experience working on drill rigs, heavy equipment, such as backhoes, forklifts, driving trucks with trailers
  • Clean driving record
  • CDL Class A with Tanker Endorsement a plus, but not required
  • Welding experience a plus, but not required
  • Mechanical/maintenance experience
  • Current MSHA, a plus
  • Must arrive at work on time and have own transportation to work. If you think you will be late to work, show up early.

Job Description and an insight to who we are looking for:

  • Long hours. Shifts and schedules vary by current project. Example: Job hours may be 12 hour shifts, 14 consecutive days and then 7 days off. Job shift may be night shift or day shift, depending on staffing and requirements at that time. That is 40 regular hours and 44 overtime hours in one week.
  • Heavy lifting, possibly for hours at a time.
  • Work is outside in the sun or the snow. Temperatures may be hot or freezing, depending on the time of the year.
  • Mechanical repairs, as necessary - to include basic servicing of vehicles and equipment (oil changes, filter changes)
  • Cleaning of equipment.
  • Operating heavy equipment and crew trucks.
  • Attention to details.
  • Energetic and willing to learn.
  • Good communication skills, including trade sign language.
  • Ability to work as a team and follow directions.
  • Must have own hard hat and steel toe boots (earplugs, safety glasses and gloves are provided by us).
  • Must adhere to dress code. Failure to wear appropriate dress can result in termination. No piercings. Tattoos must be covered.
  • Must provide own lunch/dinner/snacks/etc. Drinking water will be provided at the jobsite.

Compensation is based on experience. 401k is available. Medical is available.